Naming the Newest Hays CISD Elementary School

The Hays CISD voters approved a bond for Elementary School #14 in May of 2017.  They can’t call it ES #14, so they need a name.  So how do you name for a new school?

Recently, the Hays CISD Board of Trustees create a committee to recommend a name for the new school on High Road in Uhland.  The fourteen person group will start meeting soon to help the school district name the school.

Trustee Willie Tenorio, Jr. whose district includes Uhland, said, “I’m excited that we have broken ground on the school.  It was needed for severe overcrowding at several schools, including Hemphill Elementary.”

TSTA Day of Education Rally Pictures

A large crowd gathered at Gregg-Clarke Park in April 2011 for the TSTA Day of Action Rally for Public Education. Above, Willie Tenorio, Hays CISD Trustee, speaks to concerned parents and educators.

Hays CISD teachers hold rallly for education.

A speaker addresses the attentive crowd.

TSTA President, Esperaza Orosco addresses the large crowd.

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Day of Action Rally for Public Education

Save Our Schools Teacher Rally:

Today, a large group of Hays County Residents gathered in support of public education in Kyle. The Day of Action Public School Rally was a family fun event with speakers, food, bounce houses and face painting.

U.S. Congressman Lloyd Doggett headlined the event. Doggett urged Governor Perry to accept the $830 Million the federal government has pledged to Texas schools.

“We offered a very simple amendment. We offered a string on federal education aid to Texas and it’s a very simple string. It says if we give federal aid for education, it ought to be used for education,” said Doggett.

Acceptance of the federal money would mean over a half million dollars for Hays CISD.

Several school board members attended the rally. Margie Villapondo, San Marcos ISD, and John Adams, Dripping Springs ISD spoke to the excited crowd of parents, teachers, students and taxpayers.

Willie Tenorio, Hays CISD Board of Trustees, said “If we expect our students to work harder, we must expect our representatives to work harder to find the money to fully fund public education, and provide the support our students need to excel.”

Merideth Keller, Hays CISD District 4 trustee, and incoming trustee Sandra Bryant also attended the event.

The rally was sponsored by the Texas State Teacher’s Association and organized and hosted by the Hays CISD chapter. The local presidents of the Hays CISD, Dripping Springs and San Marcos chapters spoke at the rally.