Register to Vote for November Elections

The City of Kyle will hold its first November election on the 7th of that month.  Make sure you can vote by registering by October 10th.  Voter registration cards are available at the Kyle Public Library or Kyle City Hall.

Or print a voter registration form ,  complete it and mail it to the Hays County Voter Registrar, 712 S. Stagecoach Trl, Suite 1045 San Marcos, TX 78666.

Hays CISD Bus Info Special Message

A special back to school message from the Hays CISD Transportation Department (from the Hays CISD website).


Dear Bus Riders and Parents,

Bus delays are common the first few days of school as we all become familiar with this year’s routes. Please be sure to have your child at the bus stop on time, but do not be alarmed if the bus does not arrive right away.

Additionally, the transportation and central office incoming phone lines typically fill up quickly with transportation questions on the first day of school. Please accept our apology if you get a recording. If you need to get through, though, please keep trying.

In addition to making a phone call, you may also find the answer you need on our website. Common questions include:

What bus number does my child ride, and what time does it come?

All bus routing information is in our Parent Serve Portal (goes live on Thursday, August 24th). Please sign in, and you will see specific information for your child/children.

My bus is REALLY late!!!

Check our transportation bus information hotline (available all year long) for information on buses that are running significantly behind schedule for whatever reason. Often, these delays are caused by reasons out of our control, such as weather or traffic incidents.

My child did not come home on the bus.

During the first few days of school, we have several students who do not arrive home on their scheduled bus. This can be very scary for parents. Please rest assured that we will find your child. Sometimes students get on the wrong bus or fall asleep and miss their stop. Sometimes we accidentally put them on the wrong bus as we learn all of the new bus assignments. Please know that we do not leave our campuses or central office until EVERY child is home safe and sound. We have a radio system on all of our buses and GPS tracking. We know where they are at all times and can quickly find out who is on each bus.

If your child missed the assigned stop to get off and the bus is still in the area, we can drop your child off at home. Otherwise, students will be returned to their home campus to await pick up, and we will have staff on site. The best way to contact someone is to call your child’s campus first.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. We look forward to a safe and exciting 2017-2018 school year.

A message from

Hays CISD Transportation Department