UIL Area Marching Band Competition

The Lehman Band Boosters are hosting the UIL Area Marching Band competition this Saturday, October 24th. The contest starts at noon. Come out to Shelton stadium for great music and marching!

I have heard them practicing at 7am every week. These kids work hard. Come out and show them your support!

Willie Tenorio

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Fuentes Elementary Exemplary Status Celebrated

Recently, my family celebrated the exemplary status of Fuentes Elementary. The school is named for my aunt, Susie Tenorio Fuentes. The story is in the Free Press. Here is the link to the article.

As I stood at the doorway of Fuentes Elementary, alongside my family, congratulating each child as they passed out the door, the children were touched to receive the congratulatory pencil and were very happy to be appreciated for their accomplishments. I am very happy to know my Aunt Susie was recognized for her service to the school district and community and I am joyous to know her namesake is accomplishing its mission to educate its students to the highest standards.

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